Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Chibi Crafts and Design Update!

Hello everyone!

I have a a wee bit of an overhaul of my online sites. I have been working on a few different things lately and have made all my sites much more cohesive.

This website will be dedicated to Chibi Crafts and Design, my company which has the following ventures under its kawaii umbrella...

Chibi Crafts and Design (company and one woman band.... )
www.chibicraftsdesign.com (blog)

Ninja Bears (Super kawaii handmade plushies.)
www.ninjabears.co.nz (website)

CuteZine (kawaii e-zine and blog about all things cute!)
www.cutezine.com (blog)

Claw Grabby (super kawaii toys and stuff)

So yeah, thats the breakdown, lol. A lot going on but it is all good stuff!
I love all the support and messages I get from everyone! thank you all so much!

From Jenna