Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hey, this is just a quick update on what Chibi Crafts has been up to lately.
I have rented out a booth @ craftworld, westgate (nz), which is awesome, I think I have previously posted some photos of what it looks like, pretty awesome set up! 
It seems that the public is demanding more ninja bears as they are the best selling item in my booth, so I will be creating heaps more of the Ninja Bear cuties!

I have also got a store on Etsy - check it out, the link is on the right --> 
I also have my cute stuff on trade me (nz) and soon to be on sella (nz). 
I am hopefully going to be taking Chibi Crafts to Kraftbomb (nz), just waiting to here back to see if they have room for lil ol' me! I've got my fingers crossed freddie.
I have recently purchased a badgemaker, I can now create very sturdy and professional looking badges which is awesome! They are 57mm diameter or 2 1/4"

Stay tuned for more updates from Chibi Crafts!

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