Thursday, December 9, 2010

kuma (chibi critters - bear)
This spuer cute toy was designed and handmade by Chibi Design.
Great for a quirky gift. Is made from polar fleece and cotton fabrics, with felt details.
Inspired by Gloomy bear, great if you like niche toys. Great for little kids or big kids ^_^
tags - gloomybear, cute, japanese, anime, chibi crafts design, pink bear, cuddly, quirky, kitsch, kawaii
pom pom bakudan, i hand made each pom pom
and handstitched each onto the dress base i made.
- my entry into the villa maria cult couture competition 
(obviously it was too cult for them) as I didn't win but it felt
good seeing it in the show, a really proud moment ^_^
 I am willing to hire it out for music videos or any other sort of promotional occassions,
(Auckland, New Zealand only please)
it is a size 10. Email me for enquires